Impact 25 Member update – June 2020


Impact 25 Members Roundup

Our monthly update with news from our 75 InsurTech Impact 25 Members. To download previous reports, click here.

Company News

  • RGAX selected Socotra as core insurance platform (Link)
  • Atidot are providing a solution to Pacific Life, on top of iPipeline’s largest data set in the life industry (Link)
  • Phinsys implements its accounting and finance automation platform for Ascot Underwriting (Link)
  • Zego has partnered with ABAX for new opportunities in the commercial fleet market (Link)
  • McKenzie Intelligence have launched a COVID-19 intelligence dashboard for the re/insurance industry (Link)
  • Battleface has partnered with Munich Re’s company Roanoke Travel Insurance to launch adventure travel product sales in the US (Link).
  • Battleface have launched their sales with two flagship products: Adventure Travel (Link) and Travel Medical (Link)
  • Cytora have expanded their executive team with senior hires from Hiscox and Coya (Link)
  • Zego has partnered with ABAX for new opportunities in the commercial fleet market (Link)
  • Akur8 has been named as one of the top 100 global Insurtechs 2020 (Link)
  • Akur8 won first place in the Insurtech Quebec pitch contest, in addition to a 3-month incubation period awarded by Le Camp-Quebec (Link)
  • Bdeo has been named “Cool Vendor” in Insurance by Gartner (Link)


  • Artificial have written an article called ‘What we’ve learned from the first five weeks of the Lloyd’s Lab’ (Link)
  • Phinsys have written an article called ‘Closing 1Q remotely – a catalyst for change in the finance function?’ (Link)
  • bsurance have hosted a webinar called ‘How is digitalization changing bancassurance?’ with guest speakers from Exton Consulting and TeamBank (Link)
  • McKenzie Intelligence have written a blog post called ‘Covid 19 and disaster response’ (Link) and another called ‘Technology-led intelligence will reveal true cost of Covid-19 business interruption’ (Link)
  • Concirrus have released part 3 of their COVID-19 impact on the shipping series called ‘COVID-19, an Ultra Large Container Vessel (ULCV) and the Cape of Good Hope’ (Link)
  • FRISS have written a blog post called ‘Keeping predictive fraud models accurate in exceptional times’ (Link)
  • Atidot have co-written an article with Sureify, HumanAPI and Benekiva about Enabling Change with Insurtech (Link)
  • Atidot have written an article for The American Society of Actuaries presenting a new model for actuaries regarding PLT – Post Level Term (Link)
  • KASKO‘s CEO commented on an article called ‘What does Lemonade’s upcoming IPO mean for the rest of the InsurTech industry?’ (Link) and also participated in a video series called ‘Insurance Covid-Cast: Insurtech 100 special – Distribution Focus’ (Link)

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