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We are delighted to announce that we will be launching the InsurTech Impact 25 in early 2018.

The InsurTech Impact 25 comprises the technology-led businesses best placed to impact the insurance industry in 2018

There are many InsurTech lists and landscape infographics.  What really matters is identifying the future winners.

Members of the Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 will have achieved significant revenue growth over the last 12 months and have a technology-led proposition that can transform incumbents or the insurance industry as a whole.  Members must have 2017 full year revenue of between £50k and £10m to ensure we are highlighting emerging businesses with genuine momentum.

Why is the InsurTech Impact 25 important for you?

The InsurTech Impact 25 is for insurance executives and investors who want to cut through the noise and find the elite technology-led businesses that can transform companies, or indeed the insurance industry as a whole.  The InsurTech Impact 25 should be every executive’s and investor’s first port of call when looking for an innovative technology partner.

Curating the list

Oxbow Partners is using its deep understanding of both the insurance industry and InsurTech to identify the businesses to be included in our 2018 group.

If you believe your business should be included, then please submit the (short) online application form.

[su_button url=”https://impact25.typeform.com/to/LsxKyo” target=”blank”]Tech-led businesses: click here to apply[/su_button]

If you know of a technology-led business that you believe should be included, please either forward this email or tell us about them.

[su_button url=”mailto:impact25@oxbowpartners.com” target=”blank”]Tell us about a tech-led business we should consider[/su_button]

There is more information on our new InsurTech Impact 25 microsite.

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Chris Sandilands, ACII is a Partner at Oxbow Partners. Chris advises (re)insurers and brokers on a range of strategy topics and M&A. Chris started his career as a D&O underwriter at Munich Re, before joining Oliver Wyman, the consulting firm. You can reach him at csandilands@oxbowpartners.com.

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