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B Corp status is an accreditation for businesses which balance purpose and profit. B Corps are required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

The accreditation demonstrates our commitment to our stakeholders, particularly integrity towards our clients and respect for our employees.

Oxbow Partners was one of the first consulting firms to be accredited and we are proud to be in this group of companies that balance purpose and profit.

The certification process is rigorous, ensuring that B Corps are at the cutting edge of corporate citizenship. We believe that this is critical qualification for a modern consulting firm.


When we set up Oxbow Partners we wanted to do things differently – and better – than our established competitors. Part of our vision was to create a company culture that was inclusive and empowering from the start.

This ambition is partly commercial. As management consultants, we advise executives about how best to grow their companies. It is therefore sensible that our people should be business builders themselves, and not just analysts. Binding them into the strategy and decision-making processes of our firm is one way that we want to instil commercial nous into our team.

But the ambition is also driven by the values that we have as a team. It is a cliché, but nonetheless true, that a consulting business is only as good as its people, and to get the best people, we must offer the best working environment.

B Corp has allowed us to reflect on how we run the firm – our values, our policies, our staff engagement and more – and build a business where people like to work. We feel like B Corp will also provide us with helpful guardrails to steer the business as we scale rapidly.

And finally, we see the B Corp principles as ‘table stakes’ in the modern corporate world. As sustainability becomes an increasingly hot topic, we are being asked by our clients how we incorporate these principles in our business, and if we can help them with this topic. We feel that if you don’t walk the walk, you can’t talk the talk.

So, ultimately, given that the Oxbow Partners vision was aligned to the B Corp principles, it made sense to apply and seek accreditation.


B Corps must commit to continuously improving their practices.

Our Board and Partner committee regularly make and review proposals to improve our practices, particularly our employee proposition. For example, we have recently invested in the office environment, benefits and training.

We are required to re-certify as a B Corp in three years’ time.

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Lead contact

Thomas Spiller, Senior Manager

Tom is a Senior Manager at Oxbow Partners. He has experience leading projects across strategy, growth and transformation. Recently Tom worked with a UK personal lines insurer to develop their growth strategy across product, pricing, marketing, service and claims, including designing the resourced programme to drive the transformation. Tom has also led multiple target operating model projects across speciality and personal lines. Prior to Oxbow Partners, Tom spent three years working in the strategy team at Suncorp, Australia's largest general insurer. Tom has dual bachelor’s degrees in Economics and History from the University of Queensland.