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Oxbow Partners is a rapidly growing strategy consultancy for the insurance industry. We advise senior leaders at some of the world’s leading (re)insurers, brokers and investors on a wide range of topics critical to their short-term and long-term success. Founded in 2015, we are already playing in the big league of strategy firms. In 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 we were recognised as one of the top 10 consulting firms in our sector in the UK in a study published by the Financial Times.

We are chosen by our clients because of our superior insight, our ability to ‘cut through’ to the heart of an issue, and our practical, down-to-earth style.

Critical to your success at Oxbow Partners will be your hunger to learn and grow. We will provide you with training and development opportunities from day 1.

You’ll also be able to drive forward any area of our business that piques your interest and makes Oxbow Partners better for our clients, employees or community. That could be an internal sustainability-related initiative or developing a specific area of insight for our clients. Your business skills will be sharpened each day as you build not only your consulting skills, but also a market-leading financial services strategy consulting business.


“We want to be the most trusted, best informed and most entrepreneurial insurance advisory firm and have more fun delivering than any of our competitors.”


Collaborative culture

We believe that internal collaboration is central to superior client delivery and an inclusive culture. Our management and incentive structures are set up to foster collaboration and to build one unified team.

Ample white space

We are merely scratching the surface of our opportunity. Unlike other consultancies, there’s no Senior Partner sitting on all the major accounts and market opportunities. At Oxbow Partners you can build out whatever territory, segment or consulting proposition piques your interest.

No quotas or career constraints

The only constraint to our growth is the speed at which we can promote our people and build out our team. Unlike other consultancies, we have no quotas or minimum tenures at different levels in our pyramid: you’ll be promoted as soon as you’re ready.

Premier reputation

In a short amount of time, we have developed a reputation in the C-suite for being one of the best firms in our chosen markets. We compete and win against the biggest names in the consulting industry.

Focus on fun

We work hard but make sure that we also enjoy ourselves. Monthly training is always followed by a social get-together with a typically strong turn-out. Fun is a key part of our mission statement.


In 2023, Oxbow Partners was certified as a B Corp, an accreditation for businesses which balance purpose and profit. B Corps are required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

The accreditation demonstrates our commitment to our stakeholders, particularly integrity towards our clients and respect for our employees.

We are especially proud that we secured accreditation on our first attempt and that it did not require major changes to our business model, governance or employee proposition.

You can read more about B Corp here.


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Strive to be the best, but humble enough to recognise there’s always much to learn

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Be hard on facts, even when it means giving tough messages…

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… but soft on people

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Imperfect impact trumps perfect analysis

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Build the brand, and the business will build itself

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