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Oxbow Partners is a rapidly growing strategy consultancy for the insurance industry. We advise senior leaders at some of the world’s leading (re)insurers, brokers and investors on a wide range of topics critical to their short-term and long-term success. We work on strategy, operations, technology, transformation and due diligence across reinsurance, Lloyd’s and Specialty, and UK&I retail insurance.

Our clients are generally C-suite executives, and we are long-term trusted advisors to many of them. We are based in London, but our engagements take our teams around the world to places like Bermuda, Zurich, Munich and Dublin. Often our clients ask us to venture into new areas as they value our insight, ability to get to grips with new topics quickly, and working style.


Supported Tesco Bank’s strategic transformation

Tesco is one of the UK’s best-known brands. Tesco Bank originally entered the UK retail insurance market as a broker using a panel of carriers. After several years of successful trading, Tesco Bank asked itself how it could make its insurance proposition “more Tesco”. Oxbow Partners supported the business through this multi-year transformation. You can read a case study here.

Developed a follow-only strategy

A leading specialty (re)insurer wanted to define their approach to follow-only. We worked with the CEO and executive team to assess and prioritise business model options and develop a robust proposal for their board.

Designed an FS operating model for a leading retail brand

Our client is a prominent UK retail brand. The client was undergoing a strategic reorientation of their retail financial services business and asked Oxbow Partners to advise on how to set up their insurance operating model optimally. We were then asked to support on the broader retail financial services set-up.

Built a technology operating model

A large reinsurer had developed a proprietary technology platform but found the technology team had become detached from the underwriting team as the business had scaled. We supported the business to build a better technology operating model, which was subsequently implemented, connecting IT with the business.

Transformed an underwriting organisation

A leading reinsurer wanted to reinvent their underwriting organisation to eliminate current pain points and harness future opportunities in digital. We supported the client through a multi-year transformation programme that addressed both soft and hard aspects of their operating model design.

Advised a private equity firm

Our client is a leading UK mid-market investor. We were engaged to provide commercial and technology due diligence on a technology-enabled UK distribution asset. Our team of experts applied Oxbow Partners’ structured approach to diligence and were able to support a successful investment.


We look for three things in experienced hires:

  • Personal fit with the business – ambitious and collaborative
  • Strategy consulting skill set – top quartile performance at your level at a large or specialist firm is expected
  • Insurance knowledge and network – increases in importance with seniority

Our team has a broad range of backgrounds and interests but everyone is an outperformer, always striving to be the best. They have shown this in their careers by doing something exceptional or thinking about things differently. They join us hungry to learn and grow.

But we don’t want robots. At interview we like hearing about the knocks people have taken and how they’ve bounced back because overcoming adversity is a critical skill for a high-growth challenger consultancy with a big vision.

We also look for people who understand the importance of collaboration and understand that even superstars need the right team around them to flourish. We expect everyone to support each other and we have no tolerance of egos or sharp elbows.

We like people who thrive in uncertainty and see it as an opportunity. We like people who think creatively and commercially, always thinking about how we can enhance our market position.


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