Market intelligence for insurance companies

Senior executives need to have a detailed understanding of their performance and market trends – but amongst all the data, it is hard to find objective insight.

What we do

Our Market Intelligence service provides bespoke analysis, real-time commentary and tools to leaders allowing them to monitor and refine their strategy

Macro Trends

Understand how the external environment will affect your business e.g. GDP growth, Brexit

Competitors Performance

Understand how you are performing against competitors e.g. GWP, COR

Market Trends

Understand the external factors impacting your business e.g. Pricing, Claims

Thematic Analysis

Understand current topics in detail e.g. FCA pricing review

Who is it for?


Private Equity

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Personal Lines
SME and Corporate

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Lloyds and London Market
Europe (coming soon)


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Depth of insight from Oxbow Partners experience and Expert Network

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Depth of insight from Oxbow Partners experience and Expert Network

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‘Industrialised’ production of base data with bespoke analysis for each client


Paul De’Ath

Paul De’Ath is Head of Market Intelligence at Oxbow Partners. Since starting his career as a Chartered Accountant with EY, Paul has gained extensive experience in the insurance sector both within the industry at Standard Life and during nine years as an equity research analyst covering the European insurance sector at RBC and Shore Capital.

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