Data and Analytics Benchmark 2019



Oxbow Partners, the specialist insurance management consultancy, is running a data and analytics benchmark study. The study provides corporate and speciality insurers with a view of how their data and analytics capability compares against peers.

Why participate?

  • Understand what top performers in the market are doing and how you compare
  • Identify gaps for improvement and blockers to change
  • Get accurate insights into the market from experts in the field, not just researchers


  • Corporate and speciality
  • Pricing and underwriting

How to participate?

We offer multiple participation options. You can choose how much or little engagement and effort you put into the process. Minimum engagement is 1-2 hours of interviews. Prices range from free to paid.

The research phase is expected to start in Q4 2019.

What do participants get?

Participants get access to the following.

  1. Summary of your overall performance against the benchmark and how you compare to others (anonymised)
  2. Section by section analysis of performance covering: scope, strategy, people, data, techniques and tools, technology and delivery
  3. Segmentation of participants and insights into how different segments compare in terms of effort and outcomes
  4. Trend data (where available)
  5. Recommendations on how to address perceived gaps in performance

N.B. precise outputs depend on level of involvement and price. See below for two examples of ‘1. Summary’.

How to find out more

To participate or for more information on participation options please contact Dougie Willins (

For more insights into how Oxbow Partners thinks about data and analytics see our recent blog post on data operating models.


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About the author

Dougie Willins is a Senior Consultant at Oxbow Partners and an analyst on our Market Intelligence product. You can reach him at

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