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My internship at Oxbow Partners was not only truly rewarding in terms of my professional development, but I quickly felt part of a family. I was given ample exposure to a diverse array of projects, which created an incredibly supportive and stimulating learning environment wherein my opinions were valued, and my contributions had material impact on high-profile cases.

Lilith Mayer,
Summer Intern 2021


An internship at Oxbow Partners doesn’t feel like a simulation or a practice run; you really get to do the work of a consultant. I was given space to contribute my own ideas and felt supported throughout, which was invaluable for my professional and personal development. The small cohort of interns made it easier to integrate into the team as a whole, getting to know others as colleagues and as mentors.

Anna Gardner,
Summer Intern 2021

The internship at Oxbow Partners was a hugely rewarding experience. Within the first few days, I was assigned to a live project, the company has a non-hierarchical culture, so I immediately felt valued when contributing. I worked alongside the partners and senior team members and although I was given a lot of responsibility, I was closely supported and always felt comfortable to reach out for help or feedback.

Will Austen,
Summer Intern 2022



Our team has a broad range of backgrounds and interests, but we have two things in common.

First, nobody expected to go into insurance when they were at university but stumbled into the industry and has found it to be a huge, complex and fascinating space.

Second, every member of our team is an outperformer, always striving to be the best. They have shown this by attending a top university, playing sport to a high level or mastering a skill like singing in a choir or learning a language. At interview, we like hearing about the knocks people have taken and how they’ve bounced back – because success is rarely gained without some bumps.

But we do not want robots and we certainly don’t want egos. We are a small team where everyone is expected to support each other. There is no need or tolerance for sharp elbows.

Successful candidates are therefore sharp thinkers, have interests outside of work, enjoy being successful and love working in a team. We hire from all degree subjects. Insurance knowledge is not expected.

To be a great intern, you will be hungry, reliable and keen to learn.



You will need to upload your CV, before successful applicants will be invited to our three-round interview process:

Round 1: CV discussion and a brief verbal case study (30 minutes)

Interview with Capua, an external graduate recruitment company, to discuss your motivations and experiences and test your problem solving and analytical skills.

Round 2: Business case study (60 minutes)

Interview with one of our Senior Consultants or Managers. You will be immersed into a client situation and provided with data to work through and make recommendations. You do not need any advance preparation or technical knowledge, but we recommend you practice consulting case studies.

Round 3: Final interview (60 minutes)

Final interview with either a Manager or Partner. There is no fixed format to this interview – it could be anything from a mix of CV and case study review to discussing mutual interests. If the interview is conducted with a Manager, it will be followed up by a short 30 minute call with a Partner at a later date.

As a business we are conscious about our environmental impact and will facilitate remote/virtual interviews if you are based outside of London. We also welcome applications from international students who are eligible for a post-study work permit after graduation.


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