We help our clients design and build operations to thrive in the digital age.

Where we help

We support our clients from strategy through to design and implementation. We cover all aspects of operational design including capabilities, people and organisation, process, commercial models, governance and management information.

Our clients include global insurers looking to build a new operating business across multiple countries, London Market players looking to reduce their expense base and local players restructuring to get set for the digital age.

Our industry and functional expertise ensures that our recommendations incorporate innovative methodologies such as Agile, are informed by the realities of the market, and are pragmatic and achievable given the specifics of each of our clients’ businesses.

Examples of our work

Helped a European insurer transform their business from face-to-face to omnichannel including product, process and technology redesign

Helped a leading European insurance group design and implement a new operating model across 8 Asian countries

Helped a UK insurer set up a cost reduction programme to deliver £100m cost savings

Helped a global insurer structure and initiate a claims transformation

Focus areas

Target Operating Model Design

We specialise in designing bespoke operating models that align with the culture and context of your business. We go well beyond the traditional people and process aspects of operating models and consider the connection to business strategy, culture, commercials and technology.

Digital Transformation

Clients are increasingly demanding digital and omnichannel access to insurance. We help clients redesign products, processes, teams and systems to become fit for the digital age.

Claims Transformation

Claims the core service that clients experience and a critical driver of combined ratio. We help clients redesign their claims operations to help deliver better customer experiences more efficiently.

Cost Reduction

With competitiveness at the forefront of many (re)insurer’s minds, we help our clients clearly understand their expense base and design and implement projects to reduce cost. Our expert approach ensures expense ratio improvements don’t come at the cost of combined ratio deterioration.

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Greg Brown

Greg Brown is a Partner at Oxbow Partners and leads on technology and operations projects. Greg has helped many clients design and implement operating models and insurance technology ecosystems.


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