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Oxbow Partners is an advisory firm exclusively serving the insurance industry. We provide management teams with consulting and insight services. Our clients include the world’s leading reinsurers, insurers, brokers and private equity investors.

Our Management Consulting team helps clients on growth, operations, technology and M&A topics. We excel where engagements span multiple practice areas and where we can combine our deep understanding of the current market environment with insight into the drivers of change.

Our Insights teams are a leading source of data and analysis. Our Market Intelligence product provides qualitative and quantitative insight to UK management teams to help inform strategic decisions. Magellan is used by corporates and investors to find new insurance technology partners and powers our technology and innovation insights services.

Common to all of our engagements is a need for deep industry expertise, bespoke thinking and an agile-inspired approach.

Why we’re different

Industry specialism

industry specialism

We work exclusively on insurance engagements. Our clients do not need to teach our teams about the industry and benefit from our broad experience WPPS.

Bespoke thinking

bespoke thinking

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop tailored solutions to complex challenges. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to develop solutions that are grounded in reality.

Agile inspired

agile inspired

We understand that value is in execution. Our agile-preferred approach allows us to implement faster than traditional approaches.





We help clients create
and implement ambitious and
practical growth strategies



We help clients design
and build operations to
thrive in the digital age



We help clients design and
select new insurance technology
quickly and with confidence



We help corporate and private
equity clients with commercial
and technology due diligence


Insights Products

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence practice provides insurance executives with objective and actionable insights



Our proprietary database of over 2,000 established and InsurTech vendors and research helps clients understand the tech landscape and generate values

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